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Most recent run:     311 Montross Avenue - Fire alarm malfunction.   Runs as of June 2, 2014:    246

The Rutherford Volunteer Fire Department was organized in May of 1875.  We protect over 18,000 residents within an area of 2.4 square miles.  The Rutherford Fire Department consists of five fire companies and operate out of three firehouses strategically located throughout the Borough.  Truck Co #1 and Engine Co. #4 respond out of the Ames Avenue Firehouse.  Engine Co. #2 responds from the Mortimer Avenue Firehouse.  Engine Co. #3 and Rescue Co. #5 respond out of the West End Firehouse on Union Avenue at the corner of Wells Place.

Borough Ordinance allows a total of 85 members to join the fire department (17 per company).  Currently, the strength of the Rutherford Fire Department is 75 members.

On average, the Rutherford Fire Department answers over 700 alarms.  With more CO detectors and fire alarm systems being installed, the number of alarms continue to rise.  Included in the runs are mutual aid calls to neighboring towns.  The Rutherford Fire Department is a member of the South Bergen Zone 1 Mutual Aid Association.

The Rutherford Fire Department is dispatched on 154.1600 MHz (Repeatered) with a PL Tone of 167.9.  Our Fireground Operations are either on the same frequency (off repeater) or on 154.2800 MHz, with a PL Tone of 156.7.

If you are away from home and have access to the internet, you can catch all the action of the Rutherford Fire Department online, courtesy of radioreference.com. Click  play to hear the live feed.  You can also click on this link:   Rutherford Fire Department and click on the speaker icon for "South Bergen County Fire."  It is setup to open and broadcast on your Windows Media Player, iTunes, Win Amp, Real Player, Web Player or Java web player.


The Rutherford Fire Department will be hosting a wetdown on Saturday June 7, 2014 to christen our new 100' rear mounted Pierce Arrow XT.  The wetdown will take place at the Meadows Office Complex. All are welcome to attend, so come out and show your support.      For more Rutherford Fire Department contact, like us on Facebook.  Click the link on the bottom of the page to go to our facebook page.




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