Firefighters' Memorial Park

Firefighters' Memorial Park is located at the corner of Park, West Pierrepont and Mortimer Avenues, across from Engine Co. No. 2 and directly next door to 300 Park Avenue.  It is dedicated to members of the Rutherford Fire Department who died in the line of duty as well as deceased members of the Rutherford Fire Department.  Firefighter's Memorial Park was also called Firemen's Park before it was reconstructed.  The park was originally dedicated on December 16, 1959 and located at the Northeast corner of Sylvan Street & The Terrace, but was moved to its current home, due to kids damaging the monument wall.  The park received a much needed makeover in 2000.  The centerpiece of the park is a firefighter holding his helmet with his head down, looking at the helmet of a fallen firefighter.


The Rutherford Fire Department honors two Rutherford firefighters who died in the line of duty, Edwin L Ward, Sr and Thomas E. Dunn, by placing tablets in the park, shown below. In addition, after asking the State of New Jersey and the Borough of Rutherford, the North and South service roads along Route 3 were formally granted names after these two men.  The North service road, from Orient Way to Route 3 was renamed Thomas E. Dunn Memorial Highway.  The South service road, from Route 3 to Wall Street West was renamed Edwin L. Ward Memorial Highway.


Firefighter Edwin L Ward, Sr. died in the line of duty while making a rescue attempt in the Passaic River.  Firefighter Thomas Dunn died in the line of duty while searching the second floor at a working house fire at 13 College Place. 

To help pay for the renovations to the park, the Rutherford Fire Department offers "buy a brick"  You can put any message on the brick.  They order the bricks in groups of at least 10.  Thus, if you bought a brick and do not see it in the park, don't worry.  It will be there.  With the exception of snow removal, the park is primarily maintained by Ex-Chief Thomas Twist, Jr.